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The Heifer and the Henhouse*

Straight from the farm! A juicy eight ounce sirloin steak and two eggs, both cooked to order, with hash browns or grits and toast. For a little extra add cheese, peppers and/or onions to your hash or steak.

8 oz Size $18.57
Meat Temperature:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Toast or Pancake:Biscuit White Toast Wheat Toast Multigrain Toast Rye Toast Gluten Free Toast +$1Buttermilk Pancake Gluten-Free Pancake +$1
Breakfast Side Options:Hashbrowns Sub with Grits Sub with Loaded Grits (Select cheese type) +$1.50Sub with Grits with Bacon +$1.50
Add Cheese to Grits or Hashbrowns:American +$0.50Cheddar +$0.50Provolone +$0.50Pepper Jack +$0.50Swiss +$0.50
Egg Style:Scrambled Scrambled Well Over Easy Fried Well Scrambled Soft Sunny Side Up Over Medium Poached Scrambled with Cheese +$0.75

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