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Kitchen Cakes


Just like making them at the table, but we do all the work! Your choice of batter, bacon or sausage and one topping.

Breakfast Meat (Select 1):Bacon Turkey Sausage Pork Sausage No Meat
Batter Choice:Buttermilk Gluten-free +$1
Kitchen Cakes (Select 1 Add in or Topping):Chocolate Chips M&M's Apple Pieces Raspberries Blueberries Walnuts Coconut Granola Whipped Cream Reese's Pieces Bananas Strawberries Berry Blend Almonds Pecans Butterscotch Chips Peanut Butter
Kitchen Cakes (Optional Additional Toppings):Chocolate Chips +$1M&M's +$1Apple Pieces +$1Raspberries +$1Blueberries +$1Walnuts +$1Coconut +$1Granola +$1Whipped Cream +$1Reese's Pieces +$1Bananas +$1Strawberries +$1Berry Blend +$1Almonds +$1Pecans +$1Butterscotch Chips +$1Peanut Butter +$1

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